Parking Guidance System

Parkxper is committed to the development and manufacturing the highest quality products for the parking solution. By using Parkxper¡¦s Smart Parking Guidance System, every customer can experience stress-free parking treatment. Parkxper drives better performance, efficiency and security.

IP based Intelligence Parking System with nPark Management

Parkxper Parking Guidance Software with statistical analysis data and real-time monitoring create a controller-free environment. Less cabling construction and cost-effectiveness make it easy for future expansion.



License Plate Recognition & Dynamic Signage

Parkxper provides 99% accuracy rate of entrance and exit LPR. By Integrating with management system, it supports black/white list detection. Dynamic Signage with multi-color LED and personalized contents shows clear information and drivers¡¦direction.



LED indicator with LPR Megapixel Camera

Parkxper¡¦s LED indicator with LPR Camera detects occupancy of the space, captures license plate and secure owners¡¦ properties and visitors¡¦ safety .



Car Finder Kiosk & Mobile APP

Parkxper Car Finder Kiosk minimize the time in car finding by quick guidance route and friendly user interface. Mobile APP shares the information of parking facilities, available parking spaces and fee calculation.



Value-added & Seamless Integration

¡´ Emergency Intercom provides a safe environment.
¡´ IP based PA System evacuates people in the quickest way.
¡´ CCTV Integration gives a sense of security.
¡´ Parkxper's MultiViewer supports full control of parking lots.




Parkxper has successfully worked with retail stores like Carrefour and train stations in Taiwan. Ranges from luxury hotels to public buildings, international airports to local schools, shopping centers to hospitals, Parkxper¡¦s Parking Guidance System will fit in any indoor parking facilities.



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