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Intelligent Parking Management Server (nPark)

    Parkxper nPark Management Server has started a new era for parking lot management by minimizing the need of man power and time. As to the age of big data approaching, Parkxper is not planning on being left out. With nPark server, historical data can be easily retrieved. Step up your game now with Parkxper nPark Management Server!


1. Real-time monitoring of your parking lot

On Parkxper nPark’s web-based interface, E-Map layout and friendly graphics are visually clear for operators to glance at the utilization rate and available spaces of the entire parking lot or each floor level.

2. We keep an eye on your black & white List

Black list and white list vehicles are easy to setup in nPark. With our license plate recognition feature, your VIPs and unwelcome guests will be identified even before they enter the gate.

3. No more remote controller for your gates

With license plate recognition feature, nPark can control the gate over the IP network and create a controller-free environment.

4. Personalize your dynamic signages

Display contents and route directions on the dynamic signages can be easily adjusted on nPark to accommodate your needs.

5. Intuitive search by license plate/parking number/arrival time

Operator can search car by license plate number, parking space number or arrival time.

6. Historical data inquiry and export

License plate number, parking arrival/departure time and many more data can be retrieve from the nPark database for investigation and evaluation use.

Intelligent Parking Management Server
Intelligent Parking Management Server
Intelligent Parking Management Server


Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.

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