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Camera-based Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System

    Unlike the traditional parking structures, Parkxper intelligent parking management system brings you a higher level of management. Through advance video analysis technology, our camera-based smart sensor (nLPR) captures a clear license plate and transmits on-site video to the center.


A system with vacancy and license plate recognition ability

Parkxper camera-based smart sensor is core to our intelligent space guidance system. It is flexible and adaptable to various layouts of parking facility. Compared to traditional sensor camera, Parkxper LPR camera detects occupancy of the space and captures license plate in megapixel resolution. nLPR’s Megapixel video gives the manager greater details in each parking space and its surroundings. Daisy-chain network cabling for data transmission and simple power cabling minimize the installation time and cost. nLPR is a powerful and independent system that it will not be affected by other system’s failure and it continues to operate even if the network is down.
● 99.99% accuracy in detection and recognition
● Multi-Stream, megapixel resolution
● Secure owners’ properties and visitors’ safety.

Intelligent multi-function system

Muiti-color LED Lights

Parkxper camera-based smart sensor automatically switches LED lights if the parking space is occupied and shortens drivers’ time in finding parking space. LED color is adjustable to different colors to vacant (green), occupied (red), handicapped (blue) and Parent & Child space (pink) and so on.
● Automatically switch LED lights when change in occupancy status
● Different LED colors for different priorities.
● Energy efficient

Vacancy Camera with LED indicator
Vacancy Camera with LED indicator
Vacancy Camera with LED indicator

Being the eye of smart parking solutions, Parkxper Vacancy LPR Camera detects empty spaces, recognize license plate number and monitor the surroundings for you using the latest video-analysis technology. A smarter and user-oriented parking facility is what we aim for, which ultimately increases your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.


Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.

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