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Dynamic Signage

Dynamic Signage (nSignage)

    In most parking facilities, the display of remaining parking lot quantity is usually at the entrance or on each floor level, but provides minimal aid in directing drivers to the closest available spaces especially when the parking lot surroundings look quite similar. Parkxper Dynamic Signage provides clear information on each floor and directions to the available spaces to minimize the driver’s time in parking.


1. Instant Available Spaces Display

Dynamic Signage is adjustable to meet your needs. It displays floor guidance or regional guidance. If the floor is full, Dynamic Signage will direct drivers to other floors or available regions to shorten the parking time.

2. Powerful display in different LED colors and contents

Parkxper Dynamic Signage supports multi-color LED display and personalized contents such as available parking spaces or even evacuation message when fire alarm is trigged. Parkxper Dynamic Signage is IP based and its contents can be updated from the control center,

Dynamic Signage
Dynamic Signage
Dynamic Signage

With Parkxper Dynamic Signage, the parking lot will exceeds other existing parking lot by offering quick guidance and relieving traffic jam.


Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.

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