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Expanding collection of our successful project references

Projects-Department of Irrigation and Engineering


Parking Spaces: 212

Projects-Linkou Mitac computer

Linkou MiTAC computer

Parking Spaces: 414

Projects-Duxing Sewage Treatment Plant

Duxing Sewage Treatment Plant

Parking Spaces: 196

Projects-Si-Soft Research Center

Si-Soft Research Center

Parking Spaces: 304

Projects-Southern Taiwan Science Park

Southern Taiwan Science Park

Parking Spaces: 225

Taipei City Shilin District Office

Taipei City Shilin District Office

Parking Spaces: 46

Taipei Science Park

Taipei Science Park

Parking Spaces: 347

Anping Administration Center

Anping Administration Center

Parking Spaces: 21


Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.

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