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Camera-based Parking Guidance System - Motorcycle Series

Motorcycle Camera-based
Parking Guidance System

    Parkxper took PGS to a new level and introduced the first-ever Motorcycle Camera-based Parking Guidance System. This innovative product will forever change the way motorist parked their motorcycle. With its AI self-learning technology, occupancy detection can be detected within seconds and it will only get smarter and smarter.


1. License Plate Recognition for Multiple Spaces

One lens can monitor between 4-8 spaces with 99% occupancy detection and plate recognition. License plate recognition for most countries and video recording are also supported.

2. Customizable Multi-color LED Indicator Light

On top of each zone there will be a green LED light indicating there are spaces available here, while red meaning there is no more spaces. It can also customize yellow for VIP, blue for handicap, etc.

3. Intelligent Occupancy Detection

No matter how the motorcycle is parked, head-in or head-out, both can be detected as occupied. With Parkxper's self-learning technology, all kinds of motorcycle can be detected, even if it is covered with raincoat or motorcycle cover.

Motorcycle Series
Motorcycle Series
Motorcycle Series

Parkxper always put customer first as our priority, and that is why we offer our customer both car and motorcycle parking guidance system. With our complete parking solution, we guarantee the rise of customer satisfaction.


Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.

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