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Camera-based Parking Guidance System - EV LPR Post


    EV cars are the new future; Europe in 2020 H1 has an impressive 57% growth of EV sales. There are currently about 7.3 million EV chargers worldwide, and this number will only keep on growing because chargers are now necessary infrastructure in parking lot. Parkxper EV LPR Post maximizes the EV charger usage while keeping track of all the data for future analytics.


Who’s charging?

Built in LPR camera detects both cars and motorcycles’ license plate number while giving the central monitoring station a view of each bay to know if the car is charging or not. This will prevent any gasoline car from occupying the EV charging bays.

EV Charger Integration

Parkxper EV LPR Post is open for any EV Charger integration to share data across it. License plate number, picture of the charging car, start time and end time can all be provided by the LPR Post. Video storage could be added on for EV charger service provider to easily search image and playback any incident from the control center.

Indoor, outdoor? No Problem!

With built in LED flood light and low light camera sensor, it can recognize license plate even in the dim environment. Full color LED indicator can be preset for different statuses such as vacant, occupied or reserved.

Management Platform for Multiple Sites

The management platform is open for integration with EV charger’s customer service platform to provide a better service remotely by having parking bay reservation, occupancy history lookup and black/white list notification.


EV chargers will soon be installed in every parking lot, Parkxper future-proof EV LPR Post is proud to be a part of this to create a greener future together.


Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.

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