New Taipei Yonghe Renai Park Parking Lot Implement with Parkxper AI License Plate Recognition and Occupancy System

Come to Yonghe for delicious food, meetings, and enjoy a more convenient and faster parking experience with Parkxper.

Taoyuan Ximen Car Park Implement with Parkxper LPR system
Located in Renai Park, this car park not only features a basketball court, an outdoor theater, and a music performance stage but also includes popular dining options nearby such as cafeteria, beef noodle restaurants, and more. It provides great convenience for those engaging in sports activities or looking for lunch and dinner options nearby. With the recent implementation of the latest Parkxper AI License Plate Recognition and Occupancy System, Carpark in Renai park has become the most convenient parking facility in the area, welcoming all car owners to experience it.

Parkxper Technology has installed the following equipment at this car park:

  • Parking Guidance System (PGS) showing parking space availability
  • Highly accurate AI License Plate Recognition System (LPR/ANPR) for swift entry identification
  • These systems allow you to easily identify available parking lots, aided by intuitive signals from the occupancy display system lights, ensuring a smooth and effortless exit process.

Parkxper is also open to discussions with parking lot management operators regarding equipment installation and construction, with special offers available through inquiry via an electronic newsletter.


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