Parkxper All Production Lines are Fully Operational íV Unaffected by COVID-19

The outburst of COVID-19 left China Authorities with no choice but to announce a series of strict policies to stop the virus from spreading. Some of the factories were forced to be on lockdown for weeks. Serving as the world factory for the past 2 decades, the unexpected collapse of China has been a huge impact to companies around the world. Sudden lack of source challenges the abilities of crisis management of all international enterprises.

Thanks to the effort Department of Health has paid, COVID-19 is under control in Taiwan. With all production lines based in Taiwan for the past 28 years and to insist on only providing 100% Taiwan made products, Parkxper is proud to announce that the company is fully operational and we will deliver as planned. We are following the authoritiesíŽ recommendations, and our first priority is to keep our staffs, clients, and the community safe. To accomplish this, we have listed our company guidelines as below:


Keep an eye on our staffs and provide full support when needed
Staffs that are at risk of contracting COVID-19 will be quarantined at home for two weeks to rest well. Paid leave and support will be provided due to different situations.


Beside the periodic clean-up of our facilities, we disinfect the surfaces of our products before we box and deliver them. Furthermore, disinfection of product surfaces which citizens might touch on our regular visits to the sites is also provided.


Parkxper has been in business in Taiwan since 1992. The high quality products that we are proud of are all designed and manufactured in Taiwan, and we believe that is the reason why they are unbeatable. We promise Parkxper will be operating as normal and will deliver as scheduled. Feel free to contact us as our team will be standing by and ready to serve. Thank you for your continuous support and having faith in us.


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