Parkxper PGS Brings New Life to Dadong Arts Center

The "Dadong Arts Center", located at the site of Da-Dong Elementary School, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung, was opened in March 2012. It combines the art of living and local culture, with an auditorium, cultural and creative exhibition hall and arts library. The arts center uses a semi-outdoor architectural design, combined with the scattered light and shadow of the surrounding ecosystem; it is a very popular leisure spot in Southern Taiwan.


The flourishing development of the city and the prosperity of arts and cultural activities have brought the cultural and creative atmosphere to Fengshan District, which has been built for more than two hundred years. At the time of planning, in order to relieve the traffic of the tourists, we chose to be adjacent to the MRT station. We planned a parking lot with 230 spaces to effectively relieve the pain of the tourist finding where to park.


Central Monitoring System
In this era, safety is what people care about the most. Underground parking lot becomes a concern that people might have. The central monitoring system then becomes the essential tool to protect the parking lot. Once an abnormal situation is discovered, the security personnel can immediately head to the scene to understand the situation, and can also assist the police through the recorded video.


Signage and Guidance System
Through the intelligent image analysis technology it can detect whether the parking space is occupied or not. After precise calculation, the LED signage will show available parking spaces in a certain area and effectively direct the vehicles to that empty space.
Result in reducing the time for the owner to circle around the parking lot, therefore, reduce carbon emissions.


Multi-Color LED indicator with LPR Camera
Colorful LED indicator light can customize into many color for different purpose. Green is vacant; Red is occupied; Blue is handicap; Pink is parent and child. Once were unseen parking spaces before will now be used thanks to the bright colorful LED indicator light. Now, every available space can be seen clearly and parked, which increases the parking lot turnover rate and thus increases the overall revenue generated by the parking lot.


The smart parking lot is moving towards the future, which creates a win-win situation between driveríŽs satisfaction and parking lotíŽs economic benefits. Parkxper will help you achieve this and transform your lot into a smart parking lot.


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