Taipei City Mall Implemented Parkxper PGS

Founded on the basis of diversified development and international connection, Nangang Station is not only a transfer station, but also a business district. It provides new choices of fashion, food and place to spend quality parent-children time. Nangang Station meets local peopleˇ¦s needs and increases business opportunities as well.


The existence of a union station of Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Railway and Taipei Metro is nothing but a solution for the huge crowd. With the surrounding business districts rising, the parking needs of car drivers increased along side with it.


In order to properly manage the 1,102 parking spaces in a 3-level underground parking area, the station implemented Parkxperˇ¦s intelligent parking guidance system. This has gained recognition from the drivers and brought the underground parking area a new life.


The underground parking area is no longer a maze for the first time visitors. The LED signage clearly marked the vacant parking spaces of the lanes. ˇ§Less time parking, more time shopping.ˇ¨


The camera-based PGS with LED on the middle of the lanes shorten driversˇ¦ parking time and improves the air quality. Green light stands for vacant parking space, while other colors can be used to define women-only, handicap or reserved parking spaces, intended to be easily identified.


People in need can directly communicate with the control center with the emergency intercoms installed around the vast parking lot, which offer real-time assistance and improve the security of the blind spots.


Parking lot is no longer just accessories, but the first impression of a building if seeing it from a different angle. It provides an easy and convenient service which ensures a nice and safe trip for the visitors.


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