Taipei City Mall Implemented Parkxper PGS

Deriving from a 9.9 hectares military training space, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) becomes the biggest and first national theater and metropolitan park in southern Taiwan. Since its opening in October, 2018, it becomes a new tourist spot in southern Taiwan.


With recital halls that accommodates over 2,000 audiences and outdoor theatre for 30,000 audiences, parking lotˇ¦s traffic before and after performance inevitably turns into a nightmare. To consume the huge flow of traffic and direct visitors to empty spaces is an important topic for the parking management team. Weiwuying decided to leave this problem in professional parking management companyˇ¦s good hands.


Underneath the center of arts, there is a 2-level, 716-space parking area. Parkxper designed the dynamic guidance LED signages across the rectangular parking area to assist visitor to find available space in a short time. Drivers could save time in searching for spaces in each aisle just by looking at the signage from a distance.


Camera-based PGS is placed in the middle of the lane. Based on the color of the LED, visitors can tell where the empty space is and avoid wandering around the parking lot.


For better service, intercoms with hidden IP camera are installed at the entrance and exit lane, so the control center can see and communicate for any urgent event.


Parkxper Intelligent Parking Guidance System optimizes parking time and turnover rate in any sizes of parking areas, and moreover maximizes parking structure value in Weiwuying.


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