Multi-Structure Parking Guidance System for Hospital

Being the largest medical institutions in Taichung City, Taiwan, Taichung Veterans General Hospital incorporated Parkxper Parking Guidance System into the visit process and improved not only the chaotic traffic but also visitor experience.


With total of 1200 parking spaces spread among 3 parking structures and 1 outdoor area, finding available parking spaces was a challenge especially during the busy day-time hours. Poor guidance created traffic jam and clogged each entrance of the parking garages. It was time for a change.


Parkxper partnered with local parking management company to design a high-tech, trouble-free and intelligent parking management system for the hospital, which includes dynamic signage, camera-based PGS, car finder kiosk and mobile APP. All systems are IP-based, so data such as vacant spaces are updated instantly. Visitors can easily check the parking status on the website or mobile APP before they head out, or simply follow the vacancy LED above each space and signage to find the closest parking space. Beyond the vacancy LED above each space, there is camera built-in to recognize the license plate of each car, so visitor can search for his car location from the Kiosk or mobile APP.


Parkxper is the prominent company with outdoor camera-based GPS solutions.


In addition to the parking guidance system, the hospital installed Parkxper Video Surveillance System and Emergency Intercom Camera. The once outdated parking structures are now equipped with intelligent systems and push the management and services to a higher level.


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