The Revolution of Parking Guidance is happening NOW

Traffic congestion is one of reasons causing unfriendly parking experience. Normal ultrasonic parking system helps drivers find the quickest route to an empty space and increase the flow of vehicles.

However, is this the best solution for your parking garage?

Imagine your customers have no idea where their cars are after shopping. Great impression from your stores suddenly disappears...

Camera-based parking system not only detects space occupancy, but also captures license plates and records security video. What・s most important, your customers will never get lost again.

Highly Accurate Image-based System:
By using LPR technology, any card or token is no longer necessary .The camera based system can verify all vehicle via license plate numbers directly. What・s more, the system is also allowed to track where the vehicle is parked. The revolutionary parking guidance system will help the parking owner to create the stress-free parking environment.
Intelligent Car Search & Security Recording:
Drivers can quickly find their car location on an E-map design guidance route. With 24/7 recording, car park disputes would be solved efficiently by the footage of vehicle detection.
Simple Installation & Flexible Integration:
Daisy chain installation design model quickens the installation and decreases the amount of network cabling. Moreover, it・s easily to integrate with other IP systems such as emergency, PA and CCTV system.
:Big Data; Analytics:
IP system and LPR allow you analyze the utilization rate of parking spaces. Long-term parking vehicles detection and customers・ returning statistics will level up your business management.



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