Central Monitoring System

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Central Monitoring System

MultiViewer+: No boundary, no limitations in management

    ● Trouble-free monitoring for all facilities over the network
    ● At-a-glance utilization and duration analysis
    ● Optimize human resource allocation
    ● Comprehensive historical data search
    ● Secure your property with our IP video surveillance
    ● Receive emergency calls and respond in no time

For multi-facility management, Parkxper's MultiViewer gives you full control of your parking lots. MultiViewer gathers current status of each facility such as utilization rate, live view of each parking space, and quick license plate search. In the times where efficiency and service quality matter, MultiViewer minimizes your labor resources while maintaining the quality of your services. MultiViewer centrally monitors each parking facility and offer immediately assistance remotely. Remotely control gate, respond to emergency intercom and broadcast announcement to selective parking lots couldn't be easier when you could manage at the HQ, especially during staff shortage. Multiviewer is the platform for analyzing multiple facilities' performances and optimizing human resources allocation.

Central Monitoring Systemk
Central Monitoring System
Central Monitoring System


Parkxper intelligent parking management system is the perfect new generation system for all types of public parking lots.

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